Curriculum for Soccer Learning Center

Player Development Pathway

Active Start (0-6)

Intro to Physical activity. Touches on the ball in a fun, unstructured way. Dribbling, Turning, receiving and striking the ball. Focus on the individual

FUNdamentals (6-9)

Skill development in a structured, positive and fun environment. Technical development of passing, receiving, dribbling and finishing. Focus on 1v1 actions and promote game understanding and technical executions in small sided games

Learning to train (9-12)

Acquire & develop football specific skills in a fun and productive environment. Introduce competition. Focus on refinement of movement skills. Develop skills in and out of possessions as well as transitions. Introduce to basic tactical concepts and continue to develop games understanding through 7v7 / 9v9 games

Training to develop (12-16)

Continue to develop football specific skills and transition to 11v11. Competition makes players want to win and give 100%, but the main focus still on training and developing skills. Intoduce position specific roles & responsibilities and meeting physiological demands of the game.

Training to Compete (16-19)

Develop the player to meet physiological, technical and tactical demands of the game. Competition is provided to challenge and develop. Training targets development and maintenance of technical & tactical skills. Understanding position specific roles in relation to the game. Individual prep tailored to respective strengths and weaknesses.

Training to Win (19+)

Maximise the physiological, technical and tactical skills of the player so they peak in competitions. Focus in tarining around performance and winning games, as all athletes capacities should be fully established. Training=high volume + high intensity

ACTIVE for Life (Any Age)

Positive experiences in football. Focus less on winning and more on social aspects, having fun and competing for the love of the sport, whilst still being challenged as an individual or a group.

Window of Trainability




7-11 YEARS


11-13 YEARS


11-14 YEARS


6-10 YEARS


12-16 YEARS

Football-Specific Stages

  • Age 4 to 9 - Pre-Academy Phase
  • Age 9 to 12 - Foundation Phase
  • Age 12 to 16 - Youth Development Phase
  • Age 16 to 21 - Pro Development Phase
  • Age 19+ - First Team Football

Game Formats

  • U6 to U8 - 4v4
  • U9 to U10 - 7v7
  • U11 to U12 - 9v9
  • U13+ - 11v11